It was words, but it wasn't a phrase in any Earth language.
Does anyone have a baby goat I can borrow permanently?
There’s not as much of a difference as we want there to be.
We held out a little while before we had sex. A while to a virgin and a 15 year-old is about a month.
'Enema of the State' turned 15 this week, so I guess this is growing up.
LA teenagers roller-blade and mope in the synth-pop maestro's video for "Weightless."
There’s a definite sociological pecking order when it comes to employment.
Youth is not wasted on the young so much as maturity is wasted on the old.
On the darker side of driving with the top down
I no longer care about understanding the other side of evil. I already understand it. I have no sympathy for it, in my life, or on screen.
Does Maxim really affect your judgment?